Model SC-30-H Hydraulic StumpBuster

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SC-30-H Hydraulic StumpBuster Parts List

Illustration Number Description Part Number
1 Jack Stand Leg SC-50-27
2 Carbide Tooth with Locknut SC-50-15
3 Skid Loader Bracket SC-50-H3
4 Valve Complete SC-50-H6
5 Cylinder Hose SC-50-H41
6 9/16" Oring X 90 Elbow SC-50-131
7 Gearbox to Motor Coupler SC-25-H7
8 Pressure Hose (3/4" X36") SC-50-H64
9 Rubber Strap SC-50-3A3
10 Pressure Hose (3/4" X 43") SC-50-H65
11 Hydraulic Motor Complete SC-25-H5
12 Swivel Plate Pin SC-50-H31
13 Valve Fitting SC-50-H52
14 Side Cylinder Complete SC-50-61
15 Gearbox Complete SC-25-5
16 Safety Shield with Bolts SC-25-3
17 Gearbox Hub to Wheel Attachment SC-50-53
18 Cutting Wheel with Teeth SC-25-9
N/S Cutting Wheel Less Teeth SC-25-91A
20 Debris Guard Complete (N/S) SC-50-40
21 Motor Fitting (N/S) SC-50-H54
22 Valve Fitting (1" X 3/4")  (N/S) SC-50-H53
23 Lift Limit Chain (N/S) SC-50-H4