Model 101 Post Hole Digger

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101 Post Hole Digger / Auger Parts List

Illustration Number Description Part Number
1 4", 6", 9", Semi-Double Auger  
2 Auger Tube Bolt SA-62001
3 Auger Tube Bolt SA-304
4 Auger Tube Lock Washer SA-303
5 Bushing for Auger (101) SD-1016
6 Gearbox SD-101-GB
7 Output Shaft Shield SD-069-1
8 Output Shield Bolt 3/8" X 3/4" HHCS
9 Output Shield Lockwasher 3/8"
10 Boom Complete SD-101-BC
12 PTO Shield SD-06702-PTS
13 Shear Bolt SA-405
14 Shear Nut SA-406
15 PTO Shaft SD-067-2W
16 Arch Complete SA-101-AC
17 Hair Pin Clip SM-1041-RLC
18 Boom Center Pin SD-101-CP
19 Auger Teeth Nut SA-62302
20 Boom End Pin SD-101-EP
21 Auger Point SA-304-PF
22 Auger Teeth SA-6230
23 Auger Teeth Bolt SA-62301
N/S Cotter Pin SM-2025-LP


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