Model SL-2036-S Log Splitter

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SL2036-S, Log Splitter Parts List

Illustration Number Description Part Number
1 Cylinder SL-2036-1
2 Valve SL-2030-3
N/S Valve Fitting (2 Per) HBP-910183
N/S Cylinder Fitting (2 Per) SL-2030-5
5 Hose Assembly (2 Per) SM-0234-P
6 Hose Assembly SM-023-P
7 Pinch Point Decal (2 Per) MS-163
8 Shaver Name Decal (2 Per) MS-510
N/S Wedge for 4-Way Split SL-2036-4W
11 Road Lock Pin SM-1041-RLP
12 Cylinder Warning Decal MS-171
13 Hose/Valve Fitting SC-2550-D
14 Reflector Decal MS-203
15 4 Way  Decal MS-2032


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