Models 101-301-601 Post Hole Digger PTO Shaft Parts List

PTO Shaft parts list for models 101-301-601 (SD-067-2W)

Illustration Number Description Part Number
1 Special Yoke SD-067-21
2 Cross Journal Set SD-067-22
3 Outer Tube Yoke for Shaft SD-067-23
4 Inner Tube Yoke for Shaft SD-067-24
5 Push Pin Yoke SD-067-27
7 Danger Label for Outer Tube MS-211
8 Half Female Shaft SD-067-27
9 Half Male Shaft SD-067-28
10 Guard Retaining Ring for Outer Tube SD-067-29
11 Cone for Outer Tube SD-067-211
12 Danger Label for Outer Shield MS-212
13 Outer Shield SD-067-212
14 Inner Shield SD-067-213
15 Bolt Obtain Locally
16 Cone for Inner Tube SD-067-215
17 Guard Retain Collar for Inner Tube SD-067-216
18 Half Female Shield SD-067-217
19 Half Male Shield SD-067-218
20 Complete Shield SD-067-219


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