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The Leader in U.S. Fencing Equipment Manufacturing

Shaver Manufacturing Company is the leading U.S. manufacturer of fencing equipment, providing state-of-the-art hydraulic post drivers and both hydraulic and PTO driven post hole diggers. They are commonly used to install posts into the ground for livestock producers, landscapers, nurseries, vineyards, light industrial applications and wherever fencing is needed.

Glen Shaver of Graettinger, Iowa, founded Shaver Manufacturing Company in 1944. Production began, and remains today, in this small Northwest Iowa town with a population of only 1,000 people. Its rural location provides a long-term, stable workforce and a 30,000 square-foot manufacturing facility that uses today's modern technology.

Shaver's original products were water tank heaters and front end loaders for agricultural tractors. In 1955, the first post driver was engineered and introduced, the Model HD-6. The unique concept was quickly patented, and today every post driver manufactured is a copy of the original Shaver design.

The Shaver family owned and operated the company until 1970. This progressive company continues to broaden and enhance fencing equipment product lines, and today the company has the most complete line of fencing equipment in the world. As recently as 1997, Shaver introduced the Model 101, the world's smallest post hole digger; then again in 1998 a hydraulic side-mounted post hole digger was introduced.

We listen to the needs of the industry and respond with the highest quality, best built products in the world. Then we back it up with the finest distributor network in North America and provide replacement parts for every post driver we've ever built. That's why Shaver Manufacturing is setting the standards in fencing equipment.

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