Model HD-8 Post Driver P-5000 Valve Parts List Serial #X66457 & Later

P-5000 Valve Parts List

Illustration Number Description Part Number
1 Handle Kit w/ GS-001 Safety Handle P-5003
  Handle Kit for P-5300 (Spool 2 or 3) P-5303
2 Relief Cartridge Only P-5005
3 Spool Attachment w/Bolts P-5006
4 Seal Kit  (P-5000)  Includes #4 - #11 P-5001
  Seal Kit for 3 spools (P-5300) Includes #4 - #11 P-5301
12 Load Check Kit ( 1 per spool) Includes #11 - #14 P-5002
13 Handle Bracket w/bolts (1 per spool) P-5008
14 Closed Center Plug P-5007
  Note: Closed Center Plug (P-5007)  This option provides for closed center operation.  This typically used with a variable displacement pressure compensated pump or in a system with an unloading valve.  When spools are in neutral the inlet port is blocked. The power beyond plugs can be used for closed center conversion by plugging the power beyond port.   PLEASE NOTE it may be necessary to increase relief pressure above pump compensator setting.  


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